🤩Re-use a message

In this guide we show you how to re-use any sent message in 1 click.

Step 1 - Click Re-Use On Any Sent Message

You can re-use any previously sent message within your account in 1 click. This is a huge time saver. Rather than creating every announcement for your server from scratch, you can just re-use one of your previously sent messages, edit and schedule.

Step 2 - Edit Your Message

Once you have clicked re-use you will have an exact copy of your message ready to be edited and scheduled. Make your edits and schedule like a normal message.

This feature speeds up time on your message creation, as you now don't need to start from scratch on every single message.

Step 3 - Schedule Your New Message

After making your edits, click the "Schedule Message" button to schedule your new message.

You can also turn any copied message into a reminder message too at this point if you wish. Just click on the "Setup reminder message?" option to open up our reminder settings for the message.

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