Manage your reminders

In this guide we show you how to manage your reminder messages.

Click The Reminder Toggle On Your Dashboard

On your dashboard, click on the reminder toggle. This will show all of your live and paused reminders. You can also toggle between standard and embed style messages here too.

Filter Your Reminders By Frequency

Once you have toggled to your reminders, you can also filter by frequency too. If you have lots of reminders, this is an easy way to find specific reminders you want to manage. By default you will see all of your reminders.

Reminder Message Settings

Every reminder has a summary of your message settings. You can see when a reminder is set for, including the frequency, date, timezone and time. You can also see the end date too.

Reminder Message Actions

There are a few things you can do with your reminder messages.

Pause: You can pause a reminder by clicking pause on any live reminder. Subsequently, any reminder that is currently paused can be "Resumed" again in the same way.

Edit: Any reminder can be edited by clicking "Edit".

Copy: You can copy any reminder by clicking "Copy". This will copy the message exactly and allow you to edit any part of it before scheduling.

Delete: You can delete any message by clicking "Delete". Be aware, that any message that is deleted, is permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved later.

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