👑Schedule an embed

In this guide we show you how to schedule an embed style message or announcement for any date or time, to any channel on your Discord server.

Step 1 - Click On Embed

Head over to our embed message scheduling page within your dashboard. The "Embed" tab will take you to our Discord embed generator.

Step 2 - Create Your Embed Message

An embed message has many different types of content options. We will look at all of them and what they do in this guide. Every option is explained in this step below. The real time preview on the right of the screen (or underneath the embed form on mobile) will show you how your embed looks as you build it out. Also, most options are optional, so leave them blank if you don't want them to appear in your embed message.

The first few settings are below and explained underneath the image.

Embed Text: This field allows you to tag roles as this part appears above your actial embed message when delivered into Discord.

Choose Embed Color: This is the color bar on your embed that appears down the left hand side.

Thumbnail: This is an image which appears in the top right of the embed as a thumbnail or avatar. This requires a URL of your image if you are going to use it.

Embed Title: The big title/headline for your embed message.

Embed Title URL: Adding a URL here will turn your embed title into a clickable link.

Embed Description: The main text body of your embed message.

Add Image URL: This section allows you to add a large image into the body of your embed. You will need a link to an image for this.

Add Fields: Fields are structured pieces of content that appear in the body of your embed. You can add fields to your embed message by clicking the "Add Field" button. You will need to enter a field title and also populate the field content option too, if using a field. You can see how these appear inside of our real time preview. You can also delete a field by clicking the trash can icon.

Add Link Button: You can add link buttons that appear underneath your embed in this section. Clicking on the "Add Link Button" will give you an option to enter a URL and also enter your button text. You can add more buttons by simply clicking the button again, and remove them by clicking the trash icon. You can see how these appear within our real time preview.

Footer Icon: This is just like the thumbnail option at the top. This allows you to have an icon appear within your footer. This requires a URL to an image.

Footer Text: You can add footer text here. Again, all can be previewed within our real time preview.

There are lots of options and lots of flexibility with how you want your embed message to look. With our real time preview you can see how it is going to appear in Discord, so you can create exactly what you want.

Step 3 - Scheduling Your Embed Message

Once you have finished your embed customization, you can now schedule when you would like to have your message delivered. Simply select the timezone you would like to schedule your message for, and the date and time you would like it to be delivered.

Step 4 - Choose A Channel & Schedule

The last thing you need to do is choose the channel you would like your embed message to be sent too from the drop down list.

One your channel is chosen, click "Schedule message" and your message is now successfully scheduled and you can manage it back on your dashboard.

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