🗣️Schedule a message

In this guide we show you how to schedule a message or announcement for any date or time, to any channel on your Discord server.

Step 1 - Click On Create

Head over to our message scheduling page within your dashboard. The "Create" tab will take you to our standard Discord message scheduling page that you can see below, and our "Embed" tab will take you to our Discord embed message scheduling page.

Step 2 - Create Your Message

Add your message content into the editor provided. You will a real time preview of your message as you create it on the right hand side. (or below if you are on mobile).

We have a built in formatting editor which allows you to add Discord style formatting to your messages right inside the editor. Just select the text you want to format, and choose how you want to format it.

Step 3 - Scheduling Your Message

Once you have finished your message, you can now schedule when you would like to have your message delivered. Simply select the timezone you would like to schedule your message for, and the date and time you would like it to be delivered.

Step 4 - Choose A Channel & Schedule

The last thing you need to do is choose the channel you would like your message to be sent too from the drop down list.

If for any reason your channels are not visible, click on the refresh icon and refresh the page to re-populate them. (copy your message to your clipboard first so you don't lose it)

One your channel is chosen, click "Schedule message" and your message is now successfully scheduled and you can manage it back on your dashboard.

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