💻Your dashboard

In this guide we detail all elements of the dotNotify dashboard.

Dashboard Overview

Below you will see the dashboard, and below the image you will see an explanation of each part that is numbered.

1 - This is where you can switch between your servers. You can also add new servers you create here too.

2 - These are your message stats. They show how many messages you have created/scheduled inside your account, and also how many have been sent.

3 - This toggle switches between standard scheduled messages and reminder interval messages that you currently have setup.

4 - This toggle switches between standard messages and embed style messages that you have created/scheduled inside your account.

5 - This section shows your current scheduled messages. They will be in the order of next message due to be sent.

6 - This section will show your successfully sent messages.

Your Message Settings

As you create and schedule messages they will appear on your dashboard like above. You can see the channel your message is scheduled for, your message content, as well as the scheduled date, time and timezone.

You can also manage each individual message by clicking on the 3 dots in the top right hand corner.

Reminder messages have a few more bits of information when you toggle to your reminders tab. We have a separate guide on managing reminder messages.

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