😎Copy a message

In this guide we show you how to copy any message you have scheduled.

Step 1 - Click Copy On Any Message

You can copy any scheduled message from your dashboard. This will produce an exact copy of your message which you can then choose to edit before scheduling.

Just click on the drop down at the top right of the message you want to copy, and click "Copy".

Step 2 - Edit Your Message

Once you have clicked copy you will have an exact copy of your message ready to be edited and scheduled. Make your edits and schedule like a normal message.

This feature speeds up time on your message creation, as you now don't need to start from scratch on every single message.

Step 3 - Schedule Your New Message

After making your edits, click the "Schedule Message" button to schedule your new message.

You can also turn any copied message into a reminder message too at this point if you wish. Just click on the "Setup reminder message?" option to open up our reminder settings for the message.

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