✍️Edit a message

In this guide we show you how to edit any message you create.

Step 1 - Click Edit On Any Message

You can edit any scheduled message from your dashboard. Just click on the drop down at the top right of the message you want to edit, and click "Edit".

Step 2 - Edit Any Part Of Your Message

You will then be taken back to the message editor to edit your message. You can edit any part of your message here. Be sure to double check your edits within the real time preview as you make them.

Step 3 - Click Update Message

After making your edits, click the "Update Message" button to apply your edits, and the updated message will now be available on your dashboard.

You can also turn any message into a reminder message too at this point if you wish. Just click on the "Setup reminder message?" option to open up our reminder settings for the message.

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