🤓How to tag roles

In this guide we show you how to tag roles within your messages.

Tagging Roles

You can tag/ping any of your server roles by simply typing @ within the message editor. Your server roles will drop down and you can click to add one to your message.

Tagging Roles Within Embed Style Messages

This works in the same way as above, however, if you want to tag a role in an embed style message then you need to do this outside of the actual embed. The "Embed text" box at the top of our embed editor is where you would do this.

Step 3 - Choose The Reminder Option

After selecting your channel you will see an option to turn your message or embed into a reminder/recurring message.

Check the box that says "Setup reminder message?". This will open up our reminder scheduling settings, and frequency options. You can now choose how often you want this message to be delivered.

Step 4 - Set An End Date

Once you have chosen your reminder frequency you can set an end date. This will be the date in which your reminder will stop sending. Once you have selected an end date, click schedule and you are done. Your reminder will now be available on your dashboard to view and manage.

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